Saturday, July 10, 2010

The things we'll do for free food!

Chick fil a had this promotion where if you came inside dressed up like a cow, you got all of your dinner for free. John was pretty embarrassed, but his enthusiasm for free dinner drove him to put his pride aside and participate. The girls thought it was great!

4th of July

I was so tired after girl's camp, that I didn't have the energy to drive to Etowah's fourth of July celebration like I normally do, so we invited some friends over. The kids played in the pool, I didn't post the picture, but before everyone got in, Emma jumped in the pool in her birthday suit! Brylie kept making these hilarious poses! We tried putting Charley in, but you can see how well that went over! Soon after, Emma fell asleep on the floor, and the rest of us shot fireworks outside. Check out Ally's expression. She told me later that she didn't like fireworks. At one point, one of the fireworks misfired and shot right through all of us! Luckily no one was hurt, but Ally ran inside crying because she was so scared. Poor girl. Next year we might enjoy from afar. Nonetheless, it was all in all great fun!

My young women

How can you not love these guys. I adore them! Oooh! Btw-I earned two more honor bee hours teaching my laurels how to sew scripture totes with pockets to hold their personal progress books. Grand total-21.5


Ad'Lynn and my parents stayed with us while Heather had her baby. We had so much fun! I wish that they lived closer so that we could visit more. I love my niece and nephew! They are so adorable!
We celebrated Joshua's first birthday. He laid in the floor face down and cried when we brought his cake and sang happy birthday!
I HAD to include this shot!
We went to the fountains downtown and had a picnic. Josh chowed on watermelon.
We also played on the slip n slide and did our best ballerina poses.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girl's Camp 2010

I just returned from girl's camp and looooved it! I always love girl's camp. I loved it as a youth and I love it even more as an adult. I love the camaraderie and being in nature. I understand that some people think that I am too girly to enjoy the out-doors. Those of you who feel this way might be surprised to know that I love nature and I love camping. In our church, some of our Sunday school lessons teach of the importance of nature and the Earth. I always assumed that the lesson to be learned was to appreciate all that has been created for us. I realized this week, though, that part of what we are to learn is that when in nature, we are in a pure, undefiled piece of the world. When there, we can more easily feel the spirit and get answers to prayers. In the Bible, we read about Christ going into a mountain to pray, Joseph Smith went into a grove of woods to pray. I wonder if we, too, are not supposed to also step out into the outdoors as well more to seek guidance and find peace. I saw the impact of that on the young women. I have always been amazed at how testimony-building girl's camp is for those attending. I can't wait for my girls to experience that one day. I wish that I could always be there to see that. I know that most likely I won't be witness to their camp experiences, but I look forward to that for them. Our theme was Follow His Road with the Wizard of Oz as a cute way to visualize it. Just like Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road to Oz and to ultimately returning home, we need to follow Christ's path that he established to get to the temple. It was adorable! I'll post pictures later as they are on one of my young women's cameras. I also earned quite a bit of honor bee hours from helping our ycls's prepare for their responsibilities at camp and from some things that I did while at camp with the girls. In reality, I earned well more than this, but I am only counting fifteen of those hours. These were quality mentoring experiences. My grand total now is 19.5!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Honor Bee clarification

Thanks Alice for your comment to my last post. I see that I need to clarify some things about the honor bee service hours. As I mentioned before, obviously I would not count every thing that I do for my children towards the completion of this program. That would be silly. Sister Dalton explained that these hours are to mostly be used for the young women, but they do not all have to be. The goal for the honor bee hours are to mentor young women. I feel that this most definitely applies to our daughters as well. The young womens program began with Brigham Young organizing his daughters in his home. I chose to count some hours for my daughters this week for the following reason: I have spent many hours working with our young women in my home since I was called to be the Young Women's President. We have girls camp next week and I have spent time teaching them how to sew various projects, paint, make posters, and come up with spiritual thoughts in preparation. I have family in town with the birth of my new niece as well. With everything going on, I wanted to make a special point to show my girls that I wouldn't push them aside. I've been taking time to do special things, things that I understand many of you do all the time, including myself. This was different, though. It required much more sacrifice, energy that I don't have, and time that I seem to never have enough of. Don't misunderstand. I love everything that I do related to my calling and here at home. My personal goal with my service hours are to use them to push myself to be better. To try harder in those moments when it seems hardest. My hours are not frivolously chosen. That is what is great about the personal progress and honor bee programs. They are personal. They are to be adapted to the individual. I will even be sending them to the bishop and Bonnie for his approval so that I am in check as well as the youth. Today I spent an hour playing with my niece, nephew, and daughters on the slip and slide and baby sat so that my sister could go and help Clark and Heather. My current total is 4.5 hours. I can't wait to hear what some of you are doing for yours!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Honor Bee: 3.5 hours

I took Ally and Emma to the movies when I was so tired all I wanted to do was rest. Then I let them pick out their own awful-looking but cute because it was their idea- outfits. For any of you who know me well, that was hard.